Walking Squirrel Hill

a series of walks and film photgraphs

From October 28, 2018 to December 4, 2018, I completed three full walks of the perimeter, as defined by Google Maps, of the Squirrel Hill neighborhood. This borough was the site of the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synogogue shooting, as well as of my residence at the time. I completed this walks directly following the incidence.

To document the experience, I wrote a brief walking log. The second walk I completed I documented the edges of the neighborhoods perimeters. And on the third walk, I photographed a part of the perimeter’s border where a vertical gap existed between a bridge and the ground. 

This work was exhibited in the show “To Those Who Grasp It: Responding to October 27” at the University of Pittsburgh Art Gallery. 



new work coming soon                                                       new work coming soon                                                                            new work coming soon