The Cultural Appropriation Project: Cultural Appropriation or Appreciation?

Role: Interviewer, Curator, Photographer, Art Director Collaborators: Natalya Buchwald, Emily Joyce, Melody Ting, Tiffany Jiang

Interviewees: Vaasavi Unnava, Sandra Ho, Sai Dhulipalla, Nathan Willis, Meghana Valluri, Maddie Duque, Lanre Adetola, Jordan Safer, Joe Chartouni, Gaby Cach, Deborah Lee Aliya BlackwoodAlice Duan, Abigail Levine, +4 anonymous

This project was an artistic approach at educating the community about cultural appropriation. The goal was to create a collective understanding of the difference between appropriation and appreciation. Through extensive interviews, historical research, web development, and photo and object curation, our final product will be a documentary-style gallery show.

As the Launch Phase Lead, I assembled and curated our show, Cultural Appropriation or Appreciation? at the Frame Gallery. This included photographed portraits of our 20+ interviewees, a display of culturally-specific objects from interviewees, selected interview quotes, and a table with culturally appropriated snacks. 

Gallery Documentation: