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The Cultural Appropriation Project: Cultural Appropriation or Appreciation?

In collaboration with Natalya Buchwald, Emily Joyce, Melody Ting, and Tiffany Jiang

Our project is an artistic approach to educating the community about cultural appropriation. The goal is to create a collective understanding of the difference between appropriation and appreciation. Through extensive interviews, historical research, web development, and art curation, our final product will be an interactive website and documentary-style gallery show. 

As the Launch Phase Lead, I assembled and curated our show, Cultural Appropriation or Appreciation? at the Frame Gallery. This included photographed portraits of our 20+ interviewees, a display of culturally-specific objects from interviewees, selected interview quotes, and a table with culturally appropriated snacks. 

Vaasavi Unnava, Sandra Ho, Sai Dhulipalla, Nathan Willis, Meghana Valluri, Maddie Duque, Lanre Adetola, Jordan Safer, Joe Chartouni, Gaby Cach, Deborah Lee Aliya Blackwood Alice Duane Abigail Levine, +4 anonymous

view of exhibition at the Frame Gallery in Pittsburgh