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Pandemic Grocery Store

SDLC Partners, Pittsburgh, PA

Grocery Stores have traditionally been designed in maximize the shopper’s time in-store, for example the most bought items are intentionally placed farthest from the door. Also, all of the items available for purchase are also available to be touched by every shopper. In the age of COVID-19, grocery stores seem to have been designed to maximize virus transmission.
Our client wants to change that. Giant Vulture has a large footprint of regional Pittsburgh grocery stores, and they want to encourage shoppers to come to the stores. They don’t want to completely change the business model and offer home deliveries, and they want to continue to leverage their long-term real-estate leases to market to shoppers in-store. How might we decrease the chances of virus transmission with an app designed to be used in-store?

What does shopping look like during COVID-19? 

Shoppers are going to stores with greater precaution, online purchases and home-delivered groceries are increasing, and shopping behaviors are changing i.e. panic buying, firmer budgetting, short supply chain items, etc.

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How have competitors responded to the COVID-19 Outbreak? 

In-store grocers like Walmart are expanding it’s pickup and delivery services while implenting in-store mask and sanitation mandates. Online services like Amazon and Instacart have responded to their increased demand by investing in more storage facilities and representatives/shoppers. 

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Who are our shoppers and what puts them at risk when shopping?

The Self Shopper: they shop for themselves and have less risk in transmitting to a partner/roommate after shopping trips.   

The Third-Party Shopper: Instacart or Volunteer Shoppers making frequent trips and visits to people

The Household Shopper: shops for more than two people, including themselves. Has an inflexible schedule in regard to shopping times.

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Pain Points: 


We learned that higher risks of transmission occur when household shoppers experience a low availability of products and services, spend avoidable shopping time, and go to stores at high traffic hours (after work ~ 5-6pm).

We believe that shoppers need a better way to minimize virus exposure in-stores at Giant Vulture locations by adjusting shopping availability, time, and traffic.

Kettle is an app designed in response to this emergency, minimizing the risks of virus transmission while grocery shopping.

Our app records staff and product availability, accelerates shopping time, and visualizes traffic at Giant Vulture locations — so you can focus on caring for your household. It provides notifications and advisory on when you should make your next Giant Vulture trip, and it minimizes in-store shopper density by creating customized shopping routes and by conducting traffic in the most efficient, contactless flows.
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