Paces is an artistic approach to internalize the nature of play against society’s fixation on results and winning. Inspired by characteristics of long distance running, Paces takes the form of an interactive video game and film installation which uses realtime running statistics. It was exhibited on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 in the Cohon University Center Studio Theater. 

As a collegiate runner, I based this idea from my pre-race visualiztion routine. Learning how to strategize and react to unexpected outcomes is both a challenge and a motivator familiar to every runner. So naturally, I recruited my teammates on cross country to join me in this project. During the project, I worked between all my collaborators as a  project manager, and an extra fabricator, programmer, animator, etc. when needed. On top of all of these roles, I led the entire graphic and conceptual output as Creative Director. 

Event Description:
Included in this exhibition were a videogame, a game console, and looping videos and audio. As participants enter the space, they may choose to be audience members or players of the game. The player begins the game by stepping on the treadmill, which acts as a game console, and sets a pace at which they begin to play the videogame. This game entails a simulation of running animations, which appear at a rate dictated by the player’s average speed and their acceleration or decceleration. When players decide to switch, they have limited time to deccelerate and leave the game console for the next player to take over before the game simulation freezes and turns off, requiring a collective effort to keep the game running. Additionally, the looping videos were mirrored laterally from the game console. Their chronologies were based off of the different stages involved in a long-distance foot race.

Electrical Engineers: Zeleena Kearney; Alli Scibisz
Programmer: Brittney Sidwell
Mechanical Engineers: Rachel Reolfi; Vayda Farino
Data Analyst: Abigail Levine
Marketing Manager: Kate Reilly
Animator: Rachel Jones