Open Crit

A series of public, university-wide critiques

Awarded the Interdisciplinary Award by the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University.
Done in collaboration with Leah Kendrick.

Open Crit is a series of public, interdisciplinary critiques where participants are invited to display work, critique work, and feast! In these critiques, we look at work that is not conventionally considered artwork, and we talk about it as it is. Coding assignments, kidney dissections, robots, and new perspectives are highly encouraged, but all forms of output are welcome! 

October Artists:
Peter Sheehan, Fine Art 2020
Joanna Baranowski, Chemical Engineering 2020
Tyng Peck, Architecture 2021

Ema Furusho, Fine Art 2020
Nicole Shi, Material Science Engineering 2021
Harry Branch-Shaw, Architecture 2021
Michael Longo, Architecture 2021
Julie Lee, Fine Art 2022

documentation from October Open Crit