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China Illustrations Need More Than Dragons, Pandas, and Propoganda

Illustration and writing with Ramona Li

The Long Game is a podcast series between FP and Doha Debates hosted by Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first Muslim American woman to compete in hijab for the United States in the Olympics. It highlights stories of athletes influencing change around the world. From Judoka Friba Rezayee‘s groundwork of bringing sport and education to women in Afghanistan to post-apartheid South Africa’s reentry into the Rugby World Cup, I researched and edited photography for this series across social and digital platforms. I focused on creating simple compositions that showcased the context and intensity of each episode’s story.


The Negotiators is a podcast at Foreign Policy about how deals are made behind closed doors hosted by FP Deputy Editor Jenn Williams in collaboration with Doha Debates. Working with Art Director Lori Kelley and Illustrator Anuj Shrestha, I concepted, prepared and formatted commissioned art and researched photography to serve as episode visuals each week. For photography, I focused on finding simple compositions which allow viewers to interpret the thought behind the deal.

I was the lead designer and artist of FP’s motion graphics. Working with commissioned artworks, stock imagery, and wire illustrations, I worked with editors, marketers, and copy writers to concept and execute movements which communicated meaning as much as the imagery and text of each campaign. Some samples are featured below:


For FP’s interactive pieces combining data analytics and changing UI sequences and components, I mocked up wireframes which would help the development team and stakeholders understand the vision of each interactive piece. In addition, I applied my knowledge of user heuristics to the web architecture of the main site and feature pieces. 


Using commissioned graphite drawings, I helped concept and execute various social and marketing collateral for FP’s various newsletter and series offerings. 

I designed these custom wire illustrations for FP’s various offerings: app, audio, newsletters, alerts, events, social, etc. 


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