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China Illustrations Need More Than Dragons, Pandas, and Propoganda

Illustration and writing with Ramona Li

The Long Game is a podcast series between FP and Doha Debates hosted by Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first Muslim American woman to compete in hijab for the United States in the Olympics. It highlights stories of athletes influencing change around the world. From Judoka Friba Rezayee‘s groundwork of bringing sport and education to women in Afghanistan to post-apartheid South Africa’s reentry into the Rugby World Cup, I researched and edited photography for this series across social and digital platforms. I focused on creating simple compositions that showcased the context and intensity of each episode’s story. 

The Negotiators is a podcast series between FP and Doha Debates on how deals are made behind the global stage. Between negotiations on the Paris Climate Agreement to the current standings of the Iran Nuclear Deal, episodes featured guests who were critical to making these decisions, which required a privacy and buried thought from the visuals. Using illustrations by Anuj Shrestha, along with photography I researched and edited, I formatted the art and accompanying digital collateral for this ten episode series.


These interactive stories were special features at FP, taking deep dives into complex topics. Working with the creative and art directors, we pulled out important experiences in existing iterations of these interactive stories, and used them to demonstrate FP’s visual storytelling offerings journey by journey.


Using commissioned drawings, I helped create FP’s 2021-2022 visual identity of its main newsletter products and authors.


These illustrations were created to accompany FP’s different editorial features. From left to right and top to bottom, they depict: FP Articles, Mobile App, News Alerts, Newsletters, Podcasts, and Live Events.


I was the lead designer and visual artist on creating motion graphics for FP’s marketing campaigns. Here I used commissioned art and copywriting to animate across platforms to targetted audiences. 

I designed pages and layouts for FP events and briefs. Here is an example for FP’s Live Crisis Simulation in Northern Central America.

***** New work showing at UdK Berlin Rundgang: July 21-23 *****