Every Possible Utterance
Team members: Dave Choi,  Johannes Deyoung, Nick Diamant, Josh Kery, Katie Tender

Every Possible Utterance was an evening-length, explorable art and music experience hosted at MuseumLab on Dec. 13, 2019. Inspired by Jorge Louis Borges’ “The Library of Babel,” this event centered around how meaning is found within randomness and how power emanates from infinity. 

This event featured music by Exploded Ensemble, installations by Activating the Body, and animations by Advanced Animation Studio. In order to organize this event with over 200 attendees, a Projection Design Team was formed to direct the schedule and placement of performances, specifically those dependent on projection. I worked on this team to compile animations,  map them in physical space, and mix them in conjunction with live music.

Following the architecture of the Library of Babel, we built a hexagonal display tower with scrim surfaces to see through. Animations were displayed in red and blue channels, and audience members used anaglyph glasses to see these animations in 3D. I grouped animations into basic structures to match the arch of the musical performance. I also created animations incorporating textual elements and quotes from the short story.