Data Visualization Samples

Georgia Voters 2020-2021: 
After returning home to Georgia during the Pandemic, I knew my state posed a critical role in the upcoming 2020 elections given its history of voter suppression and district redrawing. I began volunteering at Fair Fight Action, the voting rights group founded by Stacey Abrams, where I was involved in various stages of the voting process, primarliy as a legal documenter and vote curer. After our close presidential and runoff elections, FFA hosted a post-race briefing where they compared results from the two races demonstrating the significance of mail-in and early voting options. Featured below are visualizations I made of the two race results. 

In the Summer of 2020, I took a course at Harvard +edX titled Data Science: Data Visualization. I learned basic statistics and coding skills in R. In my own time, I styled and grouped these data visualizations together using Adobe Illustrator and Tableau.