During the day, I am a remote UX Designer at at SDLC Partners, a healthcare consultancy based in Pittsburgh, PA. I work on a variety of product initiatives—like Affordable Care Act and Medicare—for client Highmark Health and lead UI/UX efforts on a multidisciplinary team. I am also a Freelance Visual Designer at Foreign Policy Magazine, where I create and illustrate their branding and reports. Prior to that, I was a Design Intern at Foreign Affairs Magazine within the Council on Foreign Relations. 

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2020 with a BFA in Visual Art, a minor in Media Design, and a retired NCAA Cross Country and Track career. Being a pandemic grad left me with few options in the job market, and I spent my time instead volunteering at organizations like Fair Fight Action, Georgia Democrats, the Clean Tech Party, and The News Product Alliance with Open News. I am also a member of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) and Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Journalism. Here’s my resume to break things down. 

Get in touch:   ︎  ︎  ︎  ︎  selinal@alumni.cmu.edu

Words by me, clips of me, & exhibitions with me: 

“After Atlanta,” Tracksmith Journal, March 2021

Multiple Works, Yanjiao Biennale “Virtual Technology and the Private Sphere,” January 2021

Basement Terminal, Flat Journal Issue 2.0: HALT, November 2020

“Stamp art exhibit tackles anti-Asian racism during COVID-19 crisis,” The Diamond Back, September 2020

Multiple Works, Stamp Gallery “Not Your Model Minority,” September 2020

“CMU BFA 2020: No Tutorial,” Shanghai Future Lab, June 2020

“Senior Exhibition ‘No Tutorial’ Makes Up Its Own Rules,” CMU News, May 2020

Basement Terminal, Miller ICA “No Tutorial,” May 2020