Selina Lee

I’m a recent grad, emerging designer, and practicing artist dedicated to visualizing honest and informative insights. I am currently working at Foreign Affairs Magazine within the Council on Foreign Relations, where I help execute leading foreign policy stories through digital, print, and web design. When it comes to projects I like to stay agile, using focused design techniques to streamline storytelling. And I am always open to learning new methods, whether that be data visualization, motion, video games, etc. <= Let me know if I missed something.  

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in May of 2020 with a BFA in Visual Art, concentrating in Contextual Practice, and a minor in Media Design. I also ran four consecutive years of NCAA DIII Cross Country and Track for the CMU Tartans. 

My artwork has exhibited at the Stamp Gallery in College Park, MD, the Trois Gallery in Atlanta, GA, and the Frame Gallery, Brew House Association, Brady’s Bend, and Museum Lab in Pittsburgh, PA. My works have shown virtually at the Miller ICA in Pittsburgh, PA, and internationally in Doha’s Education City and Shanghai’s Futurelab. My work Basement Terminal will be featured in the latest edition of UCLA’s Flat Journal: Halt. 

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